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Stay in touch with the Blackhawks using the new Chicago Blackhawks browser theme. Browser themes are now available for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome!

The latest news, features and videos from chicagoblackhawks.com are just a click away, along with the Blackhawks Facebook page, the Blackhawks on Twitter, and more!

Choose between four different browser themes: The Blackhawks Crest (right), The Anthem, 2010 Stanley Cup champions or a smaller toolbar.

In addition, the Chicago Blackhawks browser theme gives you one-click access to the team schedule, roster page, Blackhawks TV, and Blackhawks tickets.

Breaking News: Stay up-to-date on all of the breaking Blackhawks news! The browser bar contains an embedded text window that pulls breaking news directly from chicagoblackhawks.com.

Media: A pop-out sidebar that toggles between a list of the lastest news and video features posted on chicagoblackhawks.com, as well as a feed directly from Twitter.

Roster: If a player moves, it happens here first: the Chicago Blackhawks official roster page pulled directly from the NHL's Central Registry.

Blackhawks TV: Get the latest behind-the-scenes footage, video highlights, player interviews and more from Blackhawks TV.

Tickets: Be the first to know when Hawks tickets go on sale or when new ticket releases are made.

Facebook: Become a member of Blackhawks Book, the official Facebook page of the Chicago Blackhawks. Members receive exclusive offers, downloads and more!

Twitter: Get up-to-the-minute updates from your computer or mobile phone with Twitter.

A link to the Blackhawks' official team store.