Tommy Hawk School Appearances

Tommy Hawk the mascot for the Chicago Blackhawks would love to come to your school for a visit. You can have Tommy come for an all school assembly or have him visit each individual class.

General School visits are a sure way to spice up the school day, field day, reading night or just for fun. Each visit Tommy brings lot of fun giveaways for the school.

Tommy’s current school assemblies are used to help teach a lesson as well as entertain. Kids laugh at Tommy’s fun antics while they learn a valuable life lesson. The different school assemblies Tommy currently offers are:

Tommy Hawks Recipe for Reading - More info coming soon

Tommy Hawks Teamwork Timeout - More info coming soon

Tommy Hawks ISAT Starting Lineup - More info coming soon

Each assembly shows the importance of their specific message while relating them to the students’s every day lives. Both the students and faculty will laugh out loud at Tommy’s hilarious antics all while learning a valuable message. Call Tommy’s manager, Joe Doyle, at 312-455-7072 for more information or to schedule Tommy to visit your school.