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Anholt, Darrel (D) Nov 23, 1962 Hardisty, AB, CAN
Bannerman, Murray (G) Apr 27, 1957 Fort Frances, ON, CAN
Boyd, Randy (D) Jan 23, 1962 Coniston, ON, CAN
Brown, Keith (D) May 6, 1960 Corner Brook, NL, CAN
Camazzola, James (L) Jan 5, 1964 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Cassidy, Bruce (D) May 20, 1965 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Cyr, Denis (R) Feb 4, 1961 Verdun, QC, CAN
Dietrich, Don (D) Apr 5, 1961 Deloraine, MB, CAN
Dupont, Jerome (D) Feb 21, 1962 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Esposito, Anthony (G) Apr 23, 1943 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Feamster, David (D) Sep 10, 1958 Detroit, MI, USA
Fox, Gregory (D) Aug 12, 1953 Port McNeill, BC, CAN
Fraser, Curt (L) Jan 12, 1958 Cincinnati, OH, USA
Frawley, William (R) Jun 2, 1962 Sturgeon Falls, ON, CAN
Gardner, William (C) Mar 19, 1960 Toronto, ON, CAN
Higgins, Tim (R) Feb 7, 1958 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Janecyk, Robert (G) May 18, 1957 Chicago, IL, USA
Larmer, Jeff (L) Nov 10, 1962 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Larmer, Stephen (R) Jun 16, 1961 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Ludzik, Stephen (C) Apr 3, 1961 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lysiak, Thomas (C) Apr 22, 1953 Kingston, ON, CAN
Marsh, Peter (R) Dec 21, 1956 Halifax, NS, CAN
McMurchy, Thomas (R) Dec 2, 1963 New Westminster, BC, CAN
Murray, Robert (D) Nov 26, 1954 Kingston, ON, CAN
Murray, Troy (C) Jul 31, 1962 Calgary, AB, CAN
O'Callahan, Jack (D) Jul 24, 1957 Charleston, MA, USA
Paterson, Rick (C) Feb 10, 1958 Kingston, ON, CAN
Pelensky, Perry (R) Mar 20, 1962 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Preston, Richard (R) May 22, 1952 Regina, SK, CAN
Robidoux, Florent (L) May 5, 1960 Cypress River, MB, CAN
Savard, Denis (C) Feb 4, 1961 Pointe Gatineau, QC, CAN
Secord, Alan (L) Mar 3, 1958 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Sutter, Darryl (C) Aug 19, 1958 Viking, AB, CAN
Wilson, Behn (D) Dec 19, 1958 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wilson, Douglas (D) Jul 5, 1957 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Yaremchuk, Ken (C) Jan 1, 1964 Edmonton, AB, CAN
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